My first real attempt to create a Nintendo DS game.

IN-BROWSER EMULATOR [EXPERIMENTAL]. The keyboard arrows might not be working.


A kitten has lost in the strange outside world. Help the poor kitten find the way back to its mother. Guide it through the map using a fish (the only stimulus the kitten responds to). Explore the zone and mark dangerous zones with flags. Use the arrow cursor to remove a misplaced flag. 


  • Saving progress works only on flashcard and is disabled in the emulator unless it's set up to emulate an R4 kernel or anything like that.

Running on hardware

  • d-Elusion works just fine on a DSi with TwilightMenu++.
  • The game should work on R4 flashcards. If you have issues in launching it, try the -nosound version


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCats, nds, nds-rom
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsGamepad (any), Touchscreen

Install instructions

This ROM can be played on Nintendo DS hardware using an NDS flashcard like R4 or in an  NDS emulator like DeSmuME(Windows/Mac) or melonDS (Windows/Linux/Mac, Android - experimental).

Note:  If you encounter problems emulating the ROM, please use the no sound version.

Note: Some emulators may request a DS bios and firmware dump in order to emulate this ROM. You can obtain the required files by simply googling "nds bios download".


d-Elusion.nds 1 MB
d-Elusion-no-sound.nds 570 kB

Development log


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Impressive programming skills for making a ds game. I am way behind you (still on the game boy). Congrat for the game.


Thank you so much for your kind words! Please don't say that about yourself, you make such good games that I should be the one looking up to you. 🤩 Also if you'd ask me, I don't really see targeting a newer platform as a sign of being more advanced or so. Once you draft a game idea, you can bring it to life on any console you want to "conquer". I simply do it out of passion (my age is closest to the DS than the Game Boy honestly 😊). 


This is such a nice game! It reminds me of the GameBoy game I made where you use a cursor to move objects and the player. This is much better use of that mechanic! Love it! 🙂


I'm so glad you like it! 😊