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Flipnote Studio Player for Nintendo DS


This ROM allows you to play flipnotes on Nintendo DS (Lite) using your flashcard.


Flipnote player

FSPDS allows DSi flipnote playback providing an experience similar to a common media payer. It supports pause/resume options, auto repeat, direct navigation to the previews/next flipnote and shuffling. It should be able to play any flipnote that runs correctly in the original Flipnote Studio.

Small notes on the filesystem

For faster load times, FSPDS prescans the folders for flipnotes and stores their paths onto the SD card. Therefore, when the user changes the content of their flipnote folders, a directory reindex must be performed. This way, FSPDS cached data will be up to date with the actual files structure. Not reindexing might cause new flipnotes not showing up in the list, or deleted flipnotes still persist in a phantom state in the application, fact denoted by the dead green frog thumbnail.


  • FSPDS doesn't detect/play flipnotes larger than 1MB (this is intentional behavior)
  • The flipnote's BGM track should be smaller than 512KB in order to be played correctly. However, the DSi Flipnote Studio only allows for 1 minute of raw audio (8192Hz) to be encoded into a flipnote, which means at most 240KB of sound data. Therefore, FSPDS should not have problems playing original flipnotes. Spin-off flipnotes which contain huge audio data may not play correctly with this application.
  • Crashes on the Flipnote Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) files.
  • If your flipnotes have custom names like "my_flip.ppm" they will not be indexed, This will likely be solved in a future version.  For a quick fix, please check this patch

Tested on

  • DeSmuME emulator
  • no$gba with DSi NAND & virtual SD card
  • Nintendo DS Lite with R4(i) flashcards
  • Nintendo DSi



FSPDS-V1.0.79212842R.nds 732 kB
FSPDS_manual.pdf 634 kB

Install instructions

Download the NDS file and copy it to your SD card. Plug it into your flashcard/modded DSi and launch the FSPDS rom.

Development log


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It would be nice to see who the flipnote creator for each file is. I'm pulling a lot of flipnotes from my old dsi sd (dsi broken atm) and I kinda wanna figure out who made what.


Hi! I know it's been a long pause, but now you can view the flipnote authors, among many other new features. Hope you've been able to repair your DSi in the mean time.


Thank you for adding the feature!!! I’ll be sure to check out this new version eventually!


so true






Thank you!